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Client Reviews and Testimonials


"brilliant and professional"

"I am an experienced attorney, and when I have run into particularly complex problems over the years that involve immigration law I go to Sarah for a consultation. She has not only an encyclopedic understanding of immigration law, but is extremely knowledgeable about current (and potentially future changes) in the field. I recommend her to anyone who asks me for help with any kind of immigration work."


"Excellent Immigration Attorney"

"After speaking with other attorneys that were unable to provide the help we needed, we were lucky to find Sarah. Sarah is professional, knowledgeable, honest and extremely generous with her time. During our consultation Sarah spent more time than we were expecting and she was able to address all of our concerns in a concise and meaningful manner. Although we were willing to hire her, she explained that at this time our case was straightforward and we should be able to fare well without her assistance. Other attorneys were giving us the runaround and advocating for us to hire them and this is why Sarah is stands out. If our case becomes more complicated we will hire Sarah in the future. We strongly recommend her services to anyone in need of a top end immigration attorney."


"Outstanding and thorough Immigration Services"

"I strongly recommend Sarah. She handled my application for permanent residency in the EB-1 category in 2016. Communication with her is always quick and efficient. Her work is not only flawless in content but also thorough and timely. Working with Sarah I knew I was in the best hands."



"I recently got an O-1 VISA with an extraordinary ability in the sciences and Sarah exclusively handled the submission for me. She is an amazing immigration lawyer and I will absolutely ask her for Green card later....Sarah also has keen insight to evaluate key requirements of the O-1. It made me optimistic for getting the VISA and feel comfortable. She carefully reviewed the documents including papers, articles, and certifications and tried to find more things which I overlooked. It was great to see her for the work. So I will strongly suggest her to my friends who need VISA. Thank you, Sarah, so much again."



"Sarah is one of the most outstanding professionals I have ever met. I have consistently been impressed with her services, from our initial (free) consultation --- an hour-long conversation in which she ran through my options with incredible detail --- to the final stages. She answered all correspondence very promptly, and was very well-versed in the aspects of immigration law that were relevant to my case. Her answers were always very detailed, logical, and mindful of different angles and options an applicant might want to take. Most importantly, she is incredibly kind and easy to talk to. I could not recommend Sarah more highly. I am so glad that I found her and would use her services again in a heartbeat."


"I'm So Glad To Have Found Sarah!"

"I applied for permanent residency. My case was quite complicated and I didn't have a hope because a lot of expert lawyers said it was a weak case. Sarah guided me through the process and reviewed all my documents carefully. She kept me informed along the way and my case was processed and approved successfully....Her ability to always have a ready answer on hand to even the most complex questions is astounding. She gives more than you pay for. She owns the client's problem and does everything possible to help the client succeed. The time line and sequence of events based on my experience with Sarah evolved exactly the way she said. No surprise-Peace of mind. 
Thank you Sarah! You went beyond the call of duty and made my dreams come true."


"Excellence and professionalism"

"Sarah assisted me in a tax case with the IRS. I am a Spanish postdoc working in a hospital in Manhattan. In my case the issue was that I should have been included in the Spanish-U.S treaty for Student and Trainees by my institution which would have allowed me to be tax-free while I was paid by a fellowship as indicated in the treaty. Neither my institution or the IRS recognized my fellowship as a fellowship but they misclassified it as “income for personal services”, which does not qualify me for a total tax exception under the treaty. Sarah has a lot of experience working with scientists, which is a big advantage because she is familiar with a lab structure and function. Sarah believed in my case from the beginning. She was extremely professional. She did everything in her power to push the case forward, always keeping me informed and answering my questions. After much work and effort, we won the case after the appeal thanks to Sarah’s persistence and excellence. Hiring Sarah for my tax case was the best thing I could have done."


"Great lawyer, very trustworthy and resourceful"

"Sarah helped me get a waiver of the J-1 two-year home residence requirement. It was a really complicated case and a few other very experienced lawyers said not to bother because it was too difficult. But Sarah did not give up. She prepared an amazing case that made it impossible for the State Department/USCIS to deny the waiver. My waiver was accepted and now I can remain in the USA and continue with my career, and I was then able to apply for a spousal green card which she also helped me with. She's incredibly resourceful and so nice to work with. She delivers in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend her."


"Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

"Sarah has been invaluable in assisting me with a litigation process in 2012. She has been very professional and dedicated, and has helped me save a lot of time, money and worries. 
Sarah has not only been very fast at understanding my problems, but also at solving them. She was easy to communicate with, and very available. Although Sarah may seem very gentle and warm at first sight, she is extremely tenacious and efficient. 
Having such a professional at my sight, has made me feel secure during these difficult moments. In summary, it has been a real pleasure to use her services."


"if you are starting your own venture, Sarah is the person"

"I'm a post doc in an academic institute starting my own company. Since at this point there are no visas for entrepreneurs it can be tricky to decide which type of visa is best. If you are in a similar position Sarah is the right person for you. She first helped me evaluate all the options. We went for a EB1A (a green card). EB1A applications are complicated with many letters and statements to write. Sarah literally 'studied' my academic background and constructed a very smart case in front of USCIS. I got the I140 in a week."


"Effective, intelligent, and honest immigration lawyer"

"I have already recommended Ms. Edgecomb to others in my office, as I was very pleased with her work involving an H1B visa for a research facility. She always keeps up to date on all new government regulations, and she works fast and effectively after taking the time to discuss all of your options. I NEVER had trouble reaching her, and I walked away from the experience feeling that she would never lead me or those to whom I have recommended her astray with her advice. I highly recommend Ms. Edgecomb's immigration services."


"Help with H1B visa"

"Sarah Edgecomb helped me get my visa, which was delayed for a mistake in the Department of State. I´m a recognized professional on my field (biomedical science), with an awesome job offer in a prestigious hospital in NY, but was unable to start my job due to a mistake in the Department of State. I must say that the way the Department of State dealt with my case was really terrible, and Sarah Edgecomb dealt with them, gathered all the documents that I required from my employer (I was, of course, out of the country), made calls, and solved the situation. She also kept me calm and confident (I really though this was not going to work out!). I´m really grateful to her and I would definitely recommend her to anyone with an immigration problem. I wouldn´t be working in my dream job right now without her help!"


"Sarah was an incredible lawyer. She helped us through the entire process. She was able to give us expert advice and use a lot of different tools and resources to pull our application together. We're an early stage company so Sarah was able to give us critical feedback on all our documentation and help us create the best application we could. I'd recommend Sarah to everyone."


"Sarah is amazing and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to immigration questions/issues."



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